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Decolonizing Science?

Production has begun on the NSF funded film Decolonizing Science?, a feature-length documentary that will explore the creation and legacy of western science as it requires/d the critical erasure of other scientific methodologies, particularly of Indigenous, African/Black/Africanx (of the diaspora), and Hispanic, Latino/a/x peoples. The film will have a multi-pronged examination, which begins with the origins of western science as a product of colonization; an exploration of the ways in which western science is systematically centered, and how non-western traditional science, such as Traditional (Indigenous) Ecological Knowledge (TEK), African Indigenous methodologies and Latinx ways of questioning, naming, knowing, and conveying knowledge, have been delegitimized in predominantly white scientific spaces. The film addresses specific colonial legacies stemming from formal and informal scientific knowledge sites, such as museums and universities. The film concludes with a discussion on what it means to do de-colonial work, what it looks like, and what the ethical practices are as they are related to specific communities of color.

Production Team

Moore v2.jpg

Pictured left to right: Alex DeCiccio, Amelia Moore, PhD, Kendall Moore, PhD Photo Credit: Beau Jones

Kendall Moore, Director

Amelia Moore, Associate Producer

Martha Associate Producer 

Adrian Cato, Research Associate

Ian Reyes, PhD, Music

Gabrielle Patterson, Motion Graphics


Wendy Smythe, PhD, Advisor

Vernon Morris, PhD, Advisor

Lisa White, PhD, Advisor

Melissa Villa Nicholas, PhD, Advisor

Sunshine Menezes, PhD, Advisor

Aradhna Tripati, PhD, Advisor


Pre-Contact Map of Indigenous First Nations tribes

Graphic Designer: Gabrielle Patterson 

Pictured Above: Alex DeCiccio (Camera), Dean Paula Bontempi, PhD,Graduate School for Oceanography, Lorén Spears, Executive Director, Tomaquag Museum, Kendall Moore, PhD, Director. Photo Credit: Amelia Moore, PhD

Production Crews
and Interviewees (so far)

Rhode Island


Alex DeCiccio

Kendall Moore


Anthony Bogues, PhD, Brown

Amelia Moore , PhD, URI

Lorén Spears, Tomaquag Museum 

James Haile III, PhD, URI

Marcus Nevius, PhD, URI

Marty Rojas, PhD, URI

Dawn Cardace, PhD, URI

Paula Bontempi , PhD, Dean, URI/GSO

Evan Wilson, PhD, Naval War College)

Kersey Sturdivant, PhD, Inspire Environmental Group

Nyla Husain, PhD, URI/GSO

Alycia Mosley-Austin, PhD, Brown

Steve Lubar, PhD, Brown






Deborah Thomas, PhD, UPENN

Paul Wolff Mitchell, UPENN

Gabriela Alvarado, UPENN

Michelle Strongfields, IAMM Science Education Group



























Philadelphia Shoot

Photo Credit: Amelia Moore

Field Museum shoot still.jpg

Pictured: Stacy Drake, Phd, Field Museum. Jenny Shi, Camera. Chicago. Photo Credit: Kate Golembiewski

Stephanie Fogel still.jpg

Pictured: Stephanie Fogel, Kai Tillman, Eli

Photo Credit: Molly Alloy

Kai and Eli still.jpg.HEIC

Picture: Kai Tillman, Eli

Photo Credit: Molly Alloy

Gigi Moore, Midwife, St. Joseph's Hospital (Baltimore) discusses the J. Marion Sims

Pictured: Gigi Moore, CNM, NP

Photo Credit: Kendall Moore, PhD



Kendall Moore


Gigi Moore, CNM, NP

Lauren Arrington, PhD, CNM


Los Angeles, California 


Luis Robledo


Aradhna Tripati, PhD, UCLA

Justin Dunnavant , PhD, UCLA


Chicago, Illinois


Jenny Shi


Meranda Roberts, PhD, The Field Museum

Alaka Wali, PhD, The Field Museum

Debra Yepa-Pappan, The Field Museum

Helen Robbins, PhD The Field Museum

Stacy Drake, PhD, Field Museum

Eli Suzukovich, PhD, Field Museum

Portland, Oregon


Kai Tillman

Ambar Espinoza


Stephanie Fogel,

Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Molly Alloy, Five Oaks Museum

Nathanael Andreini , Five Oaks Museum

David G. Lewis, PhD, Oregon State Univ.


Austin, Texas 


Illyana Bocanegra


Tristan Ahtone, The Grist




Michael Ryan Clark

Michael Chilton 

Phillip Gladcov


Lisa White, PhD Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology 

Wendy Todd, PhD, Haida Nation/UMD

Kiiljuus, Haida Nation

Sarah Peele, Haida Nation

New Haven, Connecticut


Kendall Moore

Amelia Moore


Carolyn Roberts, PhD, Yale University 

Carolyn Roberts shoot interview.jpeg

Pictured: Carolyn Roberts, PhD, Yale University

Photo Credit: Amelia Moore, PhD

Amelia at Yale shoot.jpeg

Amelia Moore, PhD

Associate Producer

Kendall Moore Yale Shoot

Pictured: Kendall Moore, PhD


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